Take a look at your holiday home

Here are a few photos of the house which you can click on to enlarge. In addition to the indoor accommodation and pool, there is plenty of garden area for children to explore and play safely. There is an area set aside by the pool equipped with a BBQ along with a fridge to keep the drinks cool and away from the summer sun. There is shade to be had if you want to sit and escape the sun for a few moments and a covered and well lit activities area providing table tennis, table football and other activities.

The Summer House has all the outside space required in which to unwind and relax. We consider security and safety of our younger guests and the peace of mind of parents as extrememely important.

Children can play safely by the pool which is fully enclosed or run around on the grassy areas accessed by a bolted gate.
Beyond the pool, the garden allows the energetic to run around. You may see King Louis our friendly cat roaming around basking in the sunshine. Take a look a look inside now and don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them.